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Love that Lasts

these heart-shaped arrangements symbolize love that never fades.

Cherished Moments

Embrace the charm of long-lasting roses. Our Red Preserved Roses are an elegant statement of your affection.

Eternal Elegance

Discover the beauty that lasts. Our Royal Blue Preserved Roses are a timeless gift for any occasion.

More than 100,000 Happy customers


Perfect as a gift. My daughter got engaged with this.

Ramonita Cordero-Reyes

I got this for my sister Christmas gift and she loves it !


Sent the red roses in round package to a friend having surgery half way across the country, she loved them. It has been several months and she just sent me a pic of them, still looking brand new!


 A must have! If you love flowers like I do these are an absolute must, definitely worth the price for flowers that last for years!

Evonne Hicks

The roses are beautifully packaged. They are small petite rich red roses. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who likes roses. These flowers will last quite awhile

Anita Page